Yamhill Pictures


35mm Color Slides to digital files, saved to a CD or DVD.

Full Scan: $1.50 each. High quality scan includes complete image finishing (i.e. crop, rotate, color-correct, foreign spot removal, and/or contrast adjustment). All 35mm scanning done at 1200 dpi, saved as TIF or JPG files. File may be used for DVD slide-shows, PowerPoint, printing or other uses.

Digital-transfer from: VHS, BETA, MiniDV, Digital 8, Hi-8
Video 8 — to DVD disk.

TAPE transfer pricing: $20 per hour (average total of $40 to $70). One copy on DVD comes with order. Music or photos may be added to a family movie. The editing process can use scanned images combined with movies, transitioning from one to the next—
producing an engaging effect.

Duplicate DVD copies: $8 each ($6 each for 10 or more)





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