Pahrump Renew Media

VHS and other Tape Formats Transfer:

Video Tape transfer with complete DVD creation: $18 per hour
of recorded material
you are charged only for what is actually on your tapes (min charge $25) Includes video enhancement (if necessary) and chaptered DVD menu. One copy on DVD comes with order with a printed disk in a custom case.

Video Tape transfer to dv file: $14 per hour of recorded material—you are charged only for what is actually on your tapes (min charge $20) This option is for customers who prefer to do their own editing. Completed dv file is placed on a flash or portable drive.

Tape formats transferred include: VHS, VHS-C, BETA, MiniDV, Video 8, Camcorder 8, Hi-8 & Digital 8

Duplicate DVD copies: (with printed disk in custom case):
$10 each ($6 each for 10 or more)

35mm Slides (or Photos) to digital files,
saved to CD, DVD or flash drive:

Full Scan: $2.50 each. High quality scan
includes complete image finishing (i.e. crop,
rotate, color-correct, deskewing, and contrast
adjustment). All 35mm scanning done at 1200
dpi, saved as TIF or JPG files. File may be
used for PowerPoint, printing or other uses.

Scan Only: $1.50 each. High quality
scanning ONLY—for those doing their own
image prep and adjustment.

or MP3: $12 per hour of recorded content.
(Minimum charge $20)

LP RECORDS (78, 33 or 45 rpm): $11 per side transfered to CD or MP3 (Minimum charge $20)

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Pahrump Renew Media also produces live event movies
on DVD, including:

   Memorial Services

For more information,
contact Kevin Hogan at:

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