Many satisfied customers have commented on the
quality of our are some of them:

"My sisters were overwhelmed with
the made their Christmas"
Karen — Portland, Oregon

"Personally, I think the final product
is magical!"
Linda — Brooklyn, New York


"You are our first choice for this kind
of stuff. We really appreciate the care
you take; you essentially treat it as
though it were your own family"
Ruth — Beaverton, Oregon

"Thank you so much for your
splendid work on the DVD.
Your improvements are wonderful"
Sylvia — Portland, Oregon


"This one was another fantastic "trip-to-the-past" without
complications...We're very pleased...Thanx again for your
professional work..we are very lucky!"
Bob & Lana — Pahrump, Nevada


"We thoroughly enjoyed the new DVDs. The
intro music you provided was also very nice.
We are grateful to have these available at this
time and look forward to watching them again
and sharing them with others."
Dale — Happy Valley, Oregon

"The DVDs were a hit!"
Marcia — Gresham, Oregon



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"Because of Kevin and Ruth at Pahrump Renew Media, I am able to give my granddaughter the wedding present of a life time! They put VHS films and still pictures to an original song I wrote and it turned out just beautiful! They are so professional and reasonable and will hire them for all of my video needs in the future. They are AMAZING! Thank you Pahrump Renew Media."
Patti — Pahrump, Nevada


"For many years we thought these precious
images were lost in the attic of time. Then a miracle happened! We discovered Pahrump Renew Media and with nothing to lose, agreed to give it a try. We were informed this was indeed possible, so we went for it. The film would be transferred to DVD complete with music! The result, a resounding WOW! The presentation case had pictures as did the DVD and included menu and a great lead in. Laughter? YES! Tears? YES! The music selection was perfect. We cannot image any better service. The cost was very fair."
Thank You,
The Martin Family — Pahrump, Nevada


"I just got a chance to view the dvd. You
did a great job. Thank you, Thank you"
Robert — Corbett, Oregon


"Just wanted to thank you for the DVD. It is outstanding and you have no idea what a gift it is to relive my childhood, to see my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends...all of whom have passed away. I spent the entire afternoon crying over memories I had long since forgotten! Thank you again from the bottom of my did a beautiful job!"
Cassie — Pahrump, Nevada


"I provided 10 reels of 16MM film footage
(some over 70 years old!) to convert to DVD
format. I mailed out ten copies to my family
and they were absolutely stunned! Every
reel was seamless in its presentation. And
the editing provided was professionally done
and noteworthy. Thank you for a job well
Michael — Pahrump, Nevada

For more information,
Kevin Hogan

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